Fossa Guard Web extension

Privacy Policy

Effective date: 07 February, 2019


Fossa Team has designed the solution with the only main goal to supply Gmail users with privacy via industry-grade email encryption (S/MIME) integrated into the web browser.

Fossa Team has developed this privacy policy to inform its Website visitors and Fossa Guard extension users about how Fossa Team will collect, use, share or otherwise process any personal data or usage information.

Fossa Guard web extension

Fossa Guard web extension operates fully locally and keeps user data within the local computer only. Under user data, we mean email body in plain text, files attachments, private key, certificates, list of Google contacts.

Please note that:

Fossa Guard requests Gmail API about properties of new incoming emails and if email's content-type corresponds to S/MIME marks it by S/MIME label i.e. modifies it. Please note that this is the only case when Fossa Guard "modifies" your emails according to Google's permissions classification.

Fossa Guard creates S/MIME label if it doesn't exist in in User Gmail settings.

Fossa Guard web extension extends Gmail UI with the following functionality:

The above functionality requires the following permissions (as per Google classfication) for Fossa Guard web extension:

User Authentication

Fossa extension users are authenticated using Google OpenID. Fossa team doesn’t keep or transmit user identity using it exclusively to call Google services:

Should you have any questions or clarifications do not hesitate to contact

Firefox extension

Firefox extension link: FossaGuard for Firefox

How to use on Android

How to FossaGuard for Firefox on Andorid How to FossaGuard for Yandex on Andorid